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Memorial created 11-26-2005 by
Arlene Gundersen
Daniel Scott Forrester
February 28 1970 - January 10 2001

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01-26-2009 10:11 AM -- By: Carol,  From: Newnan, GA  

"The memory of our Angels is with us each & everyday. The love we feel within our hearts will never fade away ((hugs))"

Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

01-25-2009 11:21 AM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa  

Hi Arlene, It's been quite some time since I've come to visit.What a beautiful website you have made for Danny. You have been on my mind for weeks to write to you and Danny. What a beautiful family you have. Wow all the grandchildren, I hope one day I will too, but I'll have to adopt your children to do that, LOL. I hope you don't mind I put a px of Danny in Joey's website. Keep in touch if you feel like it.

Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)


01-12-2009 5:40 AM -- By: Nicky,  From: England  

Dan is often in my thoughts,we had some great times together, and I will never forget the time he took me to meet is family and how they made me feel so welcome, especialy his Mom. Love to all Nicky

01-10-2009 10:45 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Good-night once again, my sweet Danny.  It's 10:31 p.m.  I blow out your candle and wish you Peace.  Forever, Mom

01-10-2009 7:56 PM -- By: Robin, LUKE'S dad,  From:  


I am thinking of you today. Please provide your mom and dad and brothers and sisters peace today and assurrance that you are staying close to them. I hope you and LUKE are both doing OK. I miss LUKE so much and I am looking forward to meeting you.

With Love,

Robin, LUKE's dad.

01-10-2009 6:57 PM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom,  From: Arizona  

Hey Danny,

Thinking of you on your Anniversary in heaven.  Robin and I went to the Angel of Hope in Phoenix today and released a GOLD balloon for you and placed a white rose at the angel's feet to thank her for taking care of you and Luke.  You are missed so much by your family and by your friends, and by those of us who only know you as spirit.  Take care Danny, and give Luke a hug for me.  Hope you boys have a great celebration.  See you boys soon.



01-10-2009 6:53 PM -- By: Donna Mae,  From: CT  


Thinking of you and your sweet Danny Boy....


Donna Mae, Rick's Mom


01-10-2009 4:44 PM -- By: Aunt Evelyn,  From:  

Hi Dan-

It's hard to believe it's been 8 yrs.  The wether tody is miserable: cold, snowy, and switching to freezing rain.Today & tomorrow are good days to stay home, nice and warm. 

Got my computer back after 3 weeks.  Hope it lasts onger this time.  Tammy's first week went OK.  I'm sure it will go well for her.  Everything else is pretty quiet now (I think)  In your family, no news is usually good news.

More events for this month:  Tara, David, & Austin's b'days; your Mom & Dada's anniv. then they go on vaca.

Keep sending "signs".

Aunt Evelyn


01-10-2009 10:13 AM -- By: Susanne, Daryl's Mom,  From: Missouri  

Lighting a candle for you Danny and your Mom today. Please watch over your Mom today and always. Say hello to Daryl for me.

Love & hugs to you Danny, Arlene and all our angels both the two legged and the four legged ones....Susanne

01-10-2009 9:46 AM -- By: Tammy,  From: NY  

Thinking of you especially today, Danny. It's hard to believe so many years have gone by.  We still miss you and talk about you.  You will never be gone from our hearts. 

Love always, your sister,


01-10-2009 9:11 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  


My sweet Danny,

Well, here we are.....January 10th, 2009.  On this day, eight years ago, you left us to go home to Heaven.  Not a day goes by, without thinking of your sweet smile and your funny ways.  You brought sunshine and laughs to my life and now I sit with those memories which comfort me.  I try to push the sad memories away, the ones in which you fought to stay alive,  your battered body from all the radiation and chemo. and most especially, the sadness and pain I saw in your eyes for so long.  Oh, the ache in my heart when I think of those many days of your suffering.  And so, today, I cry.   But I also picture you with all your friends and relatives that have also gone to Heaven and I know in my heart you're happy.  You will always be a part of me.  I carry you close to my heart every day of my life.  I love you Danny and I miss you so much. 

Peace & Love ~ Mom

01-09-2009 10:15 PM -- By: Rita Josh's mom,  From: GP  

REMEMBERING DANIEL and thinking of you Arlene.

Love to you and Daniel.

01-06-2009 12:15 AM -- By: Arlene MOM,  From: NJ  

Well Dan, I'm sure you've been busy, preparing Grandma Grabley for her journey. She died peacefully Christmas Eve morning and was buried on Tuesday.  So be sure to show her all around. Stay close to Aunt Belinda and Aunt Tracey as they battle that dreadful cancer. And Aunt Michele with her health problems. There seems to be so much illness in the family. It seems this New Year will be one of great sadness or great miracles. Let's pray for the miracles. Also, Tyler emailed me that his sweet little "Pussy Sue", the cat he's had for 18 years has crossed over Rainbow Bridge. I just bet you were there to bring her over to Heaven's Pet Place. (sigh). I think of you every day Dan.  Keep the signs coming.  p> Love you forever - Mommy

01-03-2009 12:49 AM -- By: Gail Wheless,  From: North Carolina  

I read some more about Danny tonight too. May God bless you so much. I share in your pain. It's so hurtful to bury a child. I find myself awake many nights still , just searching for other mothers and reading about other children that are in Heaven. You have created a wonderful site for Danny. He would be very proud of all his family members. God bless you.





12-30-2008 10:19 AM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Newnan, Ga  

Stopping by to wish you and your family a Blessed and Happy New Year.

Remembering our Angels always,


Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

12-25-2008 9:26 PM -- By: Tammy,  From: NY  

Merry Christmas, Danny.  I know you are enjoying a peaceful celebration in Heaven.  Be sure to be with us tomorrow when we gather as a family at mom and dad's.  Know that we miss you always and that you are  never forgotten.

Much love,
Tammy, Austin, and Ricochet

12-12-2008 2:28 AM -- By: Mom,  From: N.J.  

Danny,   missing you and thinking so much about you especially this time of the year.  It's still so hard to think about your final few months here on earth.  I try to stay focused on your spiritual life, happy in Heaven, with no pain....only joy.

Grandma Grabley, Aunt Belinda, and Aunt Tracy are all ill.  They sure could use some comfort from above, so do what you can to let them know you're close by.  

Some great news....Tammy was accepted for a new teaching position at Jefferson... 8th grade English. Right up her ally. She loves Rev. Brown and her class BUT a door has finally opened up to her in the public school system and I believe she will be very happy there. I know you must be so proud of her as we all are.

Roger & Laura are due home tomorrow from their honeymoon in Egypt. When he called he said they are having a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it. They must miss baby Leah something awful.

I love you Danny......Mom

12-07-2008 2:32 PM -- By: Pat Feldman,  From: wantage nj  


Dear Arlene, I'm Scotts mom and I loved your son Dan, he spent a lot of time at our house he was a very special person Scott and I often talk about him. ps please keep in touch. Pat

12-01-2008 2:08 PM -- By: Kimberley Goeglein Puryear,  From: Vernon, NJ (now in Columbia, SC)  


I just wanted you to know that I think of Danny often, and always with a smile.  I have many great memories of him.

Wishing you love and peace,

Kim Goeglein Puryear

12-01-2008 8:37 AM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Newnan, GA  

A beautiful tribute of love for a beautiful son.  Sending my love, thoughts and prayer to you sweet Danny and your beautiful family as we go through the Holidays.

Love & Peace,

Carol Mom to Matthew Mullis

11-28-2008 2:12 PM -- By: Brittany,  From: KY  

I am so sorry for the loss of your son. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family. God Bless.

Brittany & Angel Barry

11-27-2008 8:53 PM -- By: Christine, Luke,  From: Arizona  

Hey Danny.... i LOVE looking at your website and seeing your photos.... and I had the honor of visiting the home you grew up in and lived in and was loved in and died in,   It was so special to see your room and your bed.  You have the most wonderful family that I KNOW loves you very, very much. 

Thanks so much for being Luke's friend in heaven and for being there when he crossed over.  Thanks also for getting us moms together.... We know it was heaven sent. 

I'm sure you have so much to be thankful for in heaven and I bet you and Luke had a wonderful day. 

Your brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews are absolutely WONDERFUL and have touched my heart in a beautiful way. 

Take care my friend.  Give Luke a hug for me.  See you boys soon. 


Christine, Luke's Mom

11-23-2008 3:46 PM -- By: Carol Costello,  From: Wayland NY  

I have spent the last hour reading your wonderful tribute to your son Danny.  I know your sorrow so well as my 16 year old Kyle was killed in an AA in 1986.  What a nice boy Danny is.  Missing him has to be horrific.  Keep your family close and lean on them when necessary.


11-20-2008 9:55 PM -- By: Aunt Evelyn,  From:  

Hi Dan,

I haven't written for a while but I have thought of you--especially during family events.

As you know, the most recent was Roger-Lee and Laura's GREAT wedding!  You would have had a WONDERFUL time along with everyone else.  It was the best weekend I've had in years!  The priest mentioned you during the ceremony and R-L & Laura sent a tribute in your name to hospice.  You were remembered by all.

Also this fall was Tammy's 40th b'day!  It's hard to believe!  I still remember the pix of the 2 of you waiting for Santa.  She went to AC for her b'day.  In glad she did somethig fun.  She works hard.  Not just teaching and working at her parttime job, but raising Austin too.  She talked about you alot.  I know she misses you b/c you were both so close.

Eric and Tara have been having their struggles.  I hope you can keep a watch over them and help them out.  I know they could use it and would appreciate it.

Your Mom can ALWAYS use your help.  She always tries to help others but now that the weddiing is over, I hope she concentrates on herself.  Hope she gets a handle on her "stuff" next.  I think it would help her focus on the other, more important, parts of her life.  She & Roger aren't getting any younger.  I wish they could enjoy life more.

Aunt Val now has 2 granddaughters to worry about.  Always something. 

Now the holidays are coming.  Thanksgiving is next week.  Despite the challenges, we all have much to be thankful for--especially our GREAT family.

Wish you were here to join us in more than spirit.  Keep close!  (Especially with your Mom!)

Love always,

Aunt Evelyn




11-06-2008 7:34 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

Oh Danny ~ I know you were with all of us and Roger Lee & Laura's wedding.  It was magical.  A day I will never forget.  How I wish you were there, not only in spirit, but physically.  Remember how you & I used to always dance to "Bugle boy of Co. 3 " at weddings?  Memories !!!

So the wedding was Saturday into Sunday.  We got home Sunday afternoon.  Then Monday,  Christine & Robin arrived and we've been enjoying their visit so much.  They will be leaving tomorrow although I wish they could extend their visit.  We're having such a good time.  Diane stopped by to meet them. Cousin Helene and Edward also came over and we all talked about Luke & Christian and you of course.  I wonder if you three boys were sitting on a cloud hanging out together Heaven, as your parents were remembering you all on earth. (sigh)  you are ALL SO MISSED.   All the kids and grandkids also came over and we had a little birthday party for "Luke".  We had dinner and a birthday cake with candles.  Only thing missing were you boys. Love, Mom

11-03-2008 2:27 PM -- By: Cousin Helene,  From:  

Hello Danny,

Wasn't Roger and Laura's wedding beautiful!  When your mom was dancing that special dance with your brother, Roger, I envisioned you with your arms around both of them - the three of you sharing the joy and your smile radiating love!

Love, Cousin Helene

10-28-2008 6:27 PM -- By: Bianca,  From:  

I'm sorry about the loss of Daniel.I will keep you in my prayers.God Bless.

10-21-2008 9:59 PM -- By: ce,  From: mass  

What a beautiful memorial for your lovely son, God bless you! I hope one day to have the strength that you seem to, right now I am just sad...

Bright blessings and love, Cecilia

10-20-2008 6:51 PM -- By: Rolinda Nichols,  From: Tennessee  

Just wanted to comment on how beautiful this memorial is. Your son would be proud of you.


10-18-2008 10:29 PM -- By: Tami,  From: Michigan  

The memory of the just is blessed.    Proverbs 10:7

I have to congratulate you on your ministry of "momma" . Well done thou good and faithful servant.

God bless you with that peace that passes understanding and God's joy which is your strength.



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